It’s Bake O’ Clock!. Kitchen has always fascinated me, so, having studied Agriculture was the perfect match.  Both subjets complement each other very well: first, you are well aware where your food comes from, therefore you appreciate much more you recipe’s ingredient! Feels to me like now I’m looking to the whole picture instead of just one part of it. Also my scientific background makes me look at food with a different aproach (never leaving the passion behind, of course!)

Thus, this is what’s my blog: sharing all the passion I have for agriculture and food through some recipes and histories.

CrisAbout me. My name is Ana Cristina, I’m a 23 years old, I’m Mexican and I currently live in Monterrey, a big city at the north of México.  I’m from a small town at the east-center of México, but I moved here to begin college and become an engineer. After 5 years of hard work (also a lot of fun! ), I graduated from Agrobiotechnology, and started working in the Food Industry. I’ve always loved cooking and I’ve been doing it since high-school. I’m also in love with my culture and traditions, so I believe somehow that is shown in most of the posts I write.

I really hope I can transmit a little bit of the things I love. Please feel free to comment all your thoughts, experiences. That’s how we get richer in our culture!

For any question or suggestion, please write!: itsbakeoclock@gmail.com

PD: My mother tongue is Spanish, so please forgive me if something does not make sense at all or if something is misspelled. 🙂

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