In a desperate need for empathy

Today, everybody is shocked with the decision of Great Britain to exit the European Union. Leaving aside this huge economical and social repercussions that this decision may cause (which I don’t feel capable of commenting because I have no knowledge in that area at all); I feel like the world is slowly crumbling down because of particular beliefs of political leaders around the world that aren’t just capable of getting along with today’s globalization phenomenon and what that specifically means.

It feels to me like instead of moving forward in our ability to empathise with other human beings, we are slipping backwards. I hear intolerant and very selfish speeches from radical politicians, with a huge lack of empathy. Sometimes I can’t even believe we are living in 2016! I mean, how could so many leaders could have such narrow-minded, nationalistic, backward-looking vision of their nations?  Haven’t we learn anything about racists politicians? Haven’t we been standing in a similar situation to already know what the result of this radical thinking is? It seems like people is having a really bad memory.

We can not afford this kind of selfish behavior and retrograde thinking now a days from or leaders. What the world need is to get along well with each other, to establish dialog between nations, to solve conflicts; and I know its easier said than done but, at least we have to try through well-though out decisions.

Today I heard Boris Johnson’s speech, and I though: “what a selfish man!”; but then I heard Trump’s speech about this “brilliant vote” and my heart just broke. I can’t believe half of United States of America think is a good idea to have such a radical figure representing a nation as important as it is United States.

We are moving backwards as a world from the moment we think it is a good idea to isolate ourselves. We are in desperate need of empathy, in caring for others. What is the message we are sending to future generations?