Sweet Swiss!

I recently made a one day trip to Zürich. So I made my homework: write down all the places I wanted to visit in and fit them to schedule. Not an easy task! Sprungli confiserie A Swiss classic. It was opened on 1836 by David Sprungli. He was one of the pioneers of Swiss chocolate and … Continue reading Sweet Swiss!

A party without a cake is just a meeting!

December is a really good month to bake, don’t you think? I usually bake a lot of cookies, fig breads, alfajores, and some canapés for this season. I still haven’t started my annual massive cookie and alfajor production, but las weekend was my boyfriend’s birthday, and we organized a small party… and since a birthday without a cake is just a meeting, I made him a Vanilla and Dulce de Leche Cake (Pastel de Vainilla y Dulce de Leche). Continue reading “A party without a cake is just a meeting!”