Pan de Muerto

A little bit late but still! One of the things I enjoy most about this time of the year is the Pan de Muertos. I started making it three years ago when I bought one of my favorite cookbooks of all times: Larousse de los Postres by Paulina Abascal. This is a very special cookbook for me because she gave me her autograph and wrote “..remember that the best ingredient is the heart”. I love this Mexican Chef, I use some of her recipes like the Carrot Cake or the Roles the Canela. She has a Mexican touch in her recipes that I really like. Continue reading “Pan de Muerto”


Noche de Muertos, a tradition that never dies

I’ve been waiting a lot to write this post because El Día de Muertos is my favorite celebration in México. I love this festivity because it mix different practices and traditions that indigenous peoples have in México. In fact, this celebration is such an important festivity that, in 2003, was declared by UNESCO as a “Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity”. Continue reading “Noche de Muertos, a tradition that never dies”