Queso Cotija, years of tradition

Today, continuing with my posts related to Mexico’s emblematic ingredients, I will talk about Queso Cotija, my favorite cheese in the world :).  Continue reading “Queso Cotija, years of tradition”


Huitlacoche, the Mexican Truffle

Since we are almost in September, I will be posting Mexican recipes and also talking about Mexico’s most emblematic ingredients this month, to properly celebrate Mexico’s independence day. Inspite there is a lot of skeptical people with this celebration, I like it. Not in an hyper-patriotic way, but more like admiration to our culture and traditions.  Continue reading “Huitlacoche, the Mexican Truffle”


Hello to everyone. My first post will serve as an introduction, so… this blog came up when I started working. My last year of school was completely insane because I had to enrolled myself in more courses that i used to in order to complete my credits and graduate on time. So, as much as I … Continue reading Hello!

Tarta de Santiago

This weekend I’m feeling kind of nostalgic about Spain. Since I’ve told you in previous post, I lived for 7 months in Madrid last year, and it was one of the best experiences ever. While I was there, I had the opportunity to visit Santiago the Compostela, and during my visit, some friends convinced me to do the Camino de Santiago, a really famous peregrination. Pilgrims have walked this way since the 9th century… is impressive. So, above, a picture of me as a happy pilgrim before start walking 110 km from Tui to Santiago.  Continue reading “Tarta de Santiago”